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Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

(Patents Pending)

OILSCO Technologies’ Next-Generation (nxg) Heavyweight Drill Pipe adds new dimensions to your drilling and workover programmes.

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Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Next GenerationIt does everything you’d expect of HWDP – and more. That’s because its unique design reduces torque build-up and yields cleaning properties in the bottom hole assembly. A simple proposition, designed and engineered to make a difference in downhole operations.

OILSCO Technologies’ HWDP design is based on a centre section which contains patent pending opposing spiralled profi les, with a centre section spade which agitates and redistributes cuttings that have settled out of the mud on the low side of the wellbore. Each change in diameter has a machined profile with smooth radiuses to reduce the risk of the tool becoming stuck.

Our Heavyweight Drill Pipe is anything but standard. A Next-Generation (nxg) product that will give you an operational edge, it’s the result of painstaking research, design and development work by industry innovators. Our pioneering HWDP delivers significant reductions in torque and drag because of both its hole cleaning capabilities and reduced wall contact in the critical bottom hole assembly area.

Key Features:

Hole cleaning via stirring up cuttings beds from the low side of the wellbore.

Reduced wall contact also lessens the risk of differential sticking – a key issue in depleted formations.

The unique design supports sliding in high angle hole and horizontal sections, by reducing contact areas typically experienced on long sections of standard HWDP. Drag is reduced significantly, allowing directional control with less weight stacking on the bit.

An ideal solution for ERD wells where torque build-up can restrict the high rotation required to aid hole cleaning.

A Next-Generation (nxg) solution that delivers more.