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Hole Cleaning Tool (H.C.T)

The HCT: an innovative circulating tool that delivers truly effective hole cleaning.

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Hole Cleaning Tool (H.C.T)

Next GenerationOILSCO Technologies’ Hole Cleaning Tool (HCT) takes on one of the big challenges involved in the drilling of horizontal and ERD wells.

Possessing a range of advanced features that include our proprietary M.A.P technology, delivering unlimited and on-demand activations, coupled with angled nozzles constitute a fresh approach to cuttings removal, it is one more example of OILSCO ideas at work – to support your operation.

Activated by our Multi Activation Piston (MAP) – it opens ports above the BHA elements, as and when required, to establish a higher circulation rate. The fluid is diverted into the annulus by means of six angled (45°) nozzles which improve the hole cleaning process whilst limiting the scope for well bore erosion.

The HCT: an innovative circulating tool that delivers truly effective hole cleaning.

As the drilling of horizontal and ERD wells becomes more prevalent – and the wells become increasingly complex – a fundamental challenge commonly arises: the efficient removal of cuttings from the tangent and horizontal sections, where they often settle out and form cuttings beds on the low side of the wellbore.

Efficient cuttings transport is one of the key design considerations for the drilling fluid in horizontal and ERD wells. That’s because high flow rates are essential to generate the necessary annular velocities for hole cleaning in the high-angle and horizontal sections.

The enhancements required to rig circulating systems to achieve these available rates are frequently compromised by the flow limitations of BHA elements, including MWD tools and mud motors. The hole cleaning capabilities are therefore similarly restricted. 

That’s where the OILSCO HCT comes into its own. A circulating tool that allows drilling fluid to bypass these potentially restrictive BHA components when and as required, it greatly increases the allowable fluid circulation rates and corresponding annular velocities – it delivers improved overall hole cleaning, on demand.

Unlimited and on-demand activations, angled nozzles and rapid deployment capabilities: the HCT is the ideal tool to deal with the challenges of effective hole cleaning in horizontal and ERD wells.